Our GF Favs

I remember the days where I could just run into the grocery store and grab whatever. Those days are long gone! For when I do try to run, I reach for our favorite tried and tested GF items… without breaking the bank.

Juice: Simply Lemonade Lemonade, Tropicana 100% Orange Juice, Snapple teas, Arizona teas

Cereal: Honey Nut Chex, Cinnamon Chex

Breakfast Bars: Glutino breakfast bars

English Muffins: Foods by George (frozen)

Bagels: Glutino

Bread:Rudi’s, Udi’s

Cheese: Kraft American Deli Deluxe slices, Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp Cheddar

Deli Meat: Applegate, Buddig

Chips: Wise (almost all flavors are ok, bags are labeled), Jax (some are regular, some are GF – bags are labeled), Trader Joe’s tortilla corn rounds, Trader Joe’s Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips

Pasta: Tinkyada, Trader Joe’s organic brown rice pasta

Pasta Sauce: Ragu onion and garlic, Ragu parmesan and romano cheeses

Tomato Sauce: Hunt’s

Mashed Potatoes: Betty Crocker instant

Pepperoni: Hormel

Macaroni and Cheese (frozen): Glutino, Amys

Cookies: Glutino vanilla cookies (like vanilla Oreos)

Baking Flour: Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose

Brownies: Betty Crocker GF mix

Candy: Reese’s peanut butter cups, Butterfinger

Frosting: Betty Crocker

Peanut Butter: Jif Natural, Skippy’s Natural

Butter: Country Crock

Salsa: Chi-Chi’s Mild

Hot Sauce: Franks Red Hot, Louisiana

Ketchup & Mustard: Heinz

Blue Cheese: Marie’s Super Chunky, Marie’s Bacon Blue Cheese

Salad Dressing: Wishbone Robusto Italian

4 thoughts on “Our GF Favs

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  2. Love your new look! Great image on your top nav bar. Can I ask where you got it? I’m always curious where people find good images. I know flickr has lots.

    Anyway, I like your list. Those vanilla Glutino Oreos are SO good! Way better than the chocolate I think.

    Pretzels – we are having trouble with them ever since Glutino seemed to have changed their recipe 😦 What do you do for those?


    • I scrolled through google images for a very long time looking at food pics!
      As far as pretzels, we don’t eat too many but the last batch we got was Glutino. Husband seemed to like them. This was probably early summer. I didn’t know they changed..?

  3. Oh, Google, of course! Thanks 🙂

    The pretzel thing is very recent, it was only the last bag we bought. My daughter immediately was like, why does this taste different? She didn’t like them, and neither did I, though I still eat them, ha. My husband also agreed something was different, hard to put your finger on though. Sigh. We are out of luck with pretzels now because our girl also doesn’t like Snyder’s (which taste similar I think). Not in a bad way, necessarily, just different.

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