Chicken Tot Bake

I’m sure you have all sorts of inspirational pictures and quotes showing up on your Facebook wall. I usually skim over them. I have a couple family members that started these “shares,” but things are starting to get interesting. Instead of pictures of sunsets and cute animals, I’m starting to see delicious recipes! I was inspired by one recipe of a tater tot casserole. I swapped out some ingredients to make this gluten free and nixed other ingredients to make it healthier. Basically, here is my new creation. I spent all day trying to come up with a catchy name. That obviously didn’t happen. Also since I was experimenting I don’t have my usual set of pics.

3 chicken breasts, cut into bite sized pieces
Taco seasoning
1 can of “cream of whatever” soup (hard to come by when making GF, so I used 2 cups cream of corn soup – found in a box near the boxed broths in the grocery store)
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese (split into 2 1-cup portions)
4 tablespoons sour cream
1/2 cup milk
1 bag tots (I let mine defrost partially)

Preheat the oven to 375.
Toss the chicken in a frying pan and sprinkle with taco seasoning. Continue stirring and adding as much seasoning as you’d like until the chicken is fully done.
In a medium sized bowl, combine soup, milk, sour cream, and 1 cup cheddar cheese. Stir well. No one wants a surprise mouthful of sour cream chunk.
In a large pan (I used a glass 9×12), spread half the tots.
Add the chicken over the tots.
Pour the soup mixture on next.
Top with the last of the tots and then sprinkle the other cup of cheese on top.
Bake for 30 minutes. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes to let the soup solidify a little more.
My husband added a little hot sauce to his serving last night. This dish will definitely be repeated!

2 thoughts on “Chicken Tot Bake

  1. I’m jealous, I wish my friends posted delicious recipes! They mainly show photos of whatever sporting event they were cheering on or restaurant they just ate at. I like the idea of using tater tots in a casserole; it looks so creamy and delicious!

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