Asian Stir Fry

My father-in-law found some awesome pre made gluten free meatballs at BJs. We couldn’t wait to try them! For our quick and easy Asian themed dinner, I started with some fried rice. Cooked it in the wok then set aside in a small bowl so I could use the wok (I doubt any of you have the luxury of having 2 woks) for the stir fry. 20130228-190932.jpg

These Harvestland Chicken Meatballs are precooked so I just briefly popped them in the oven to thaw.

I defrosted my favorite veggie mix, Asian medley by Birdseye. You can always get various veggies to use but these are GF, cheap, and quick. They also taste great.

Toss the meatballs and Asian veggies in your wok. Add some Soy sauce (I prefer teriyaki) and let everything heat up and blend. Keep stirring until everything is warm.

Be bold and break out the chopsticks. Enjoy!


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