Too many bagels

If you read my last post about Trader Joe’s then you know I found some faux-Doritos they make that I now love. Love so much that I finished the bag before my husband could even try any. Oops! This was a good excuse to make him come with me to Trader Joes. He has never been. He has attempted to go with me a couple times but it is a Saturday morning with a small parking lot. He has barely any patience. This time it was a Saturday afternoon, even worse. We just parked in a back parking lot a few buildings away and walked. While giving him a mini tour we stumbled across Udi’s bagels. FRESH GF BAGELS. Didn’t even know they existed. They came in a 4pk for $4.99 (plain only) so we grabbed a pack for him to try.

They were big and fluffy and actually looked like a normal bagel. He said the taste was ok but prefers the frozen Glutino one we usually get. Moving on. These are fresh bagels. With expiration dates. Too lazy to go to the store again when we realize the GF tub of cream cheese is getting low. Operation bagel begins.

Dinner last night I made a pizza bagel. One gluten food that I still eat are Bagel Bites. I try to be nice and only eat them at work. But he knows they’re living in the freezer downstairs. He misses them.

I cut the bagel and spooned some sauce on both sides. Popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds to heat the sauce. Then I sprinkled cheddar and mozzarella cheese on and topped with some pepperonis. Put it in the toaster oven for two rounds (the cheese looked ehhh after just one round) and instant pizza bagel!
This morning I came downstairs and the bagels were staring at me. I have my own gluten bagels in the freezer (the other gluten food I keep here) and realized I need to move through these bagels quicker. Time for a breakfast sandwich!
Cut the bagel in half and begin toasting. I then took two eggs and scrambled them on the stove. After they weren’t runny, I tried pushing it into a square like shape with the spatula.
Once it is cooked all the way through, top with a slice of cheese (American or cheddar works best) and slide onto the toasted bagel.



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