Trader Joe’s gluten free favorites!

Last Spring my town got a Trader Joe’s. I had only been in one once, across the country, and prior to shopping for gluten free food. It is always extremely crowded there so I have only made a handful of trips. I grabbed a few new products last night and was pleasantly surprised at my bill!


7 bags GF organic brown rice pasta at $1.99/lb bag! We usually buy Tinkyada and for almost half the price, this is the closest in comparison. My only complaint is my store only carries penne, swirls, and spaghetti. I used a lot of shells and elbows so my fingers are crossed to see some of these in the future.

Trader Joes brand Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips I read about these in the little paper they send in the mail and was anxious To give them a shot. Whoa! I popped open the bag and started munching on the way home. If you like regular Doritos then these are right up your alley. They’re a little crunchier and have the same great flavor. They’re so much healthier too! I wish I bought another bag. At $1.99 a bag, they’re a lot cheaper than Doritos too.

Mini Chicken Tacos $4.29. Very tasty appetizer and all you have to do is pop in the oven.

Hash Brown patties at $1.99 for a 10pack. There are 2 or 3 ingredients and my husband can’t get enough of them.

New items to try: 2 different gluten free personal pizzas (frozen) and a box of taco shells ($1.99). The larger pizza is a 3 cheese pizza ($4.99) and the small one is chicken and some greens. That one was only $1.99 so I had to grab it.

$31.17 was my total. I was thrilled! The 7 bags of pasta alone at the regular grocery store would come out to almost $31.

Anyone else have some Trader Joe favorites?


3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s gluten free favorites!

  1. I love Trader Joe’s. They don’t have one here where I live, but when I went to college they had one and it was the only place I basically shopped. The brown rice pasta is such a good deal! I also love their peanut butter, their indian food packets and their vegan mayo is such a good deal!

    • I love trying to find new products each time I visit. Also it is so convenient that they have lists at customer service of foods that are GF, vegetarian, etc

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