Gluten Free Christmas #2

Another successful holiday for the books! I was a little too rushed and stressed to take pictures, but 100% GF Christmas Eve at our house was great. We entertained both sets of parents and siblings (and a significant other) for a total of 11 people this year. I served:

Cocktail mini hot dogs (Nathan’s)
pepperoni bread (adapted from my pizza recipe)
Chips (Wise) and dip (Heluva good)
Cheese (Cracker Barrel)
Salad (wishbone dressings)
Chicken parm (with homemade breadcrumbs)
Garlic bread
Potatoes (secret family recipe)
peanut butter kisses cookies

My husband was a big help in cooking, so I can’t steal all the credit! My favorite praise is when we get asked if certain items are “really gluten free” because they taste so “normal!” Love it.

Christmas Day we have lunch at my parents and then dinner at my in-laws. Mom was great and prepped the tenderloin so it stayed GF and then made a batch of GF lasagna with sausage. It was her best yet! She got a lot of compliments and there were no leftovers. At my in-laws, my father in law also did his tenderloin GF. I brought a batch of the family-recipe potatoes (they’re so good that those of us who had them the night before didn’t complain) for a side. He also made a lemon GF cheesecake. It was delish! Fortunately/unfortunately I have the rest of it in my fridge since they made many desserts and didn’t need to keep them all. The only reason this is a negative is we are going on a cruise in a week and a half!

My husband and family know I’ve been cooking and baking a lot the past year so they (mostly my husband, the recipient of my growing culinary skills), showered me with new toys for the kitchen!

New storage containers with pop up air tight seals

Various sized Pyrex with lids (which I’ve been wanting for a while)

Huge roasting oven (seems like a super big crock pot)

Cake pop / donut hole maker

I cannot wait to try out all my new gifts! My husband was very generous this year with thoughtful and creative gifts. He is great for getting me things that I would never buy myself (Pyrex) or things that are super awesome and I would love, if I only knew they existed (storage containers with pop up lids). Although I can’t say what my favorite present was, I will leave you all with an ornament that I probably should’ve bought him, but instead he gave me. Gotta love it.


3 thoughts on “Gluten Free Christmas #2

  1. Your Hubbie is one lucky guy! ! ! I love reading all your stories and recipes and even tho we don’t need to eat GF, they inspire me to try some of them as they look delicious! Happy to hear that you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a Very Happy New Year filled with lots more yummy stories!

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