Wheat free isn’t always gluten free!

I was at a craft fair type event the other day. It was comprised of large, local vendors with “real” brick and mortar businesses. That being said, I was browsing for myself and ideas for new products for my store.

Passing by a table of chocolates, a Buddha caught my eye. My husband has a love for the “fat happy Buddha” (his name, and I’m sorry but I have no idea what his actual name is!). He isn’t a huge chocolate fan, but there was a small one that would’ve been a great stocking stuffer.

I got the attention of the business owner at the table and asked the question that passes out of my mouth more times than I can count, “Is this gluten free?” The woman looked at me, smiled, and replied “well there is no flour in the chocolate so of course it is!”

My smile disappeared. Took a deep breath. My calm reply, “gluten isn’t just wheat ma’am. It’s like a filler and is found in a million things.” The lady looked at me like I had 5 heads. She continues with “but there’s no flour in it so it’s definitely gluten free.”

This is usually when I get on my soapbox and educate. I was too frustrated with her attitude. I told her she can’t guarantee it and might want to figure it out. Then I walked away.

I’m not claiming to be the end-all be-all master of gluten, but c’mon. If you are a business, you need to know things like this. Gluten free requirements in eating aren’t infrequent anymore.

Anyone else have run ins with stupid professionals or people that you think should know better?

4 thoughts on “Wheat free isn’t always gluten free!

  1. They shouldn’t talk about subjects if they are not clear about it, especially selling food without all of the background knowledge. They can really hurt someone if they are wrong. Not nice!

  2. Smart to pass that up. Chocolate can sometimes have malt hidden inside (aka barley, as you know). It’s so frustrating to have people act as if they understand when it’s clear they don’t. Sigh. I’ve totally been there.

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