I hate being sick

I guess that’s common sense.  Is there anyone that actually enjoys it?  About 3 weeks ago my work spouse was sick.  About a week and a half ago another coworker was sick.  As of Thursday morning, I declared myself sick.  After some investigation, I diagnosed myself with the flu.  No, I didn’t get the flu shot.  Sure, it probably would’ve been a good idea.  I rarely get the flu however.  I’ve started to take notice of how my body behaves and the patterns that I go through.  For instance, my allergies (pollen, trees, etc outside environmental things) are the worst in May and Sept and I always get strep/bad sore throat around my birthday (February).  I do not get sick in December.  I was caught off guard.

Fever, chills, achy, cough.. Dayquil and Nyquil sounded right up my alley.  They’re also gluten free, so it’s an easy cover all.  I have finished off my bottle of Dayquil and am debating whether or not to get more.  My husband feels that even through I’ve researched Dayquil and Nyquil in the past, he still feels ehh after taking them.  Are they not GF anymore?? Vicks website used to say that it is GF, but after visiting it, I cannot see anywhere that it specifically states it is GF.

Here’s a link for a new product they have, http://www.vicks.com/products/nature-fusion/flu-remedies/ which specifically states it is free from gluten.  I don’t see this on the page for Dayquil http://www.vicks.com/products/dayquil/cold-flu-liquid-medicine/

Has anyone else run into this issue?


5 thoughts on “I hate being sick

  1. I don’t know about Nyquil or Vicks but I find this aspect of Celiac Disease to be the most frustrating — needing remedies for other health problems but not being able to just run to the store and buy something without spending time researching it first. I hope you feel better soon!

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