The arts and crafts bug has bitten!

I get random urges to do large and/or new arts and crafts projects. Once I made a curtain for my bedroom door. I have also tried to duplicate expensive dog pillows on Etsy and made them like my dogs.

There have been various other small projects here and there, but expanding my cooking and baking skills have taken up a lot of my time the past couple years.

The other night I had an odd dream. Nothing unusual for me. As I was thinking about it the next morning I got the random idea to make a blanket. Make as in knit, crochet, etc. I know how to sew. I’ve mended and hemmed many clothing items. Are they beautifully done? Not necessarily, but look pretty decent and gets the job done. When I was younger I remember my mom teaching me how to knit. I recall large khaki colored plastic needles and baby blue yarn. I probably did a few hours with of work, but for the life of me I can’t say I did much more than a 5×5 inch square. Who even knows where it is now!

My great aunt was known for her afghans. She was always making them in big bold blues and pinks. Almost all of our families have numerous blankets from her. They are big, heavy, and perfect for a cold winters night.

I don’t think I remember the proper way to knit. I’m going to try to see if I can find any good books at the library this week. I am most excited to get some knitting needles and soft yarn at JoAnns!

Any helpful hints or suggestions to help me on my project? I will keep you all updated on my progress! 🙂

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