New additions to our tank!

My husband’s birthday was yesterday! His favorite fish, Lou, died unexpectedly a couple weeks ago. He was a fuzzy dwarf lion fish. They’re supposed to be extremely poisonous and aggressive. Lou was the friendliest fish in our tank!

I felt so bad I decided picking out a new fish would be a great activity for his birthday. Off to our local fish store Eddie’s Aquarium! We went yesterday. And of course went back today. And spent a lot more than we anticipated.
Yesterday he picked out this Flame Angelfish.

While deciding on the angelfish, another caught my eye. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, so back to the store today! This little guy is a Mandarin Dragonette caught in the wild. Spectacular colors!

Someone fell in love with another fish so I bit the bullet and we got it. Here is his new Pearl Scale Butterfly.

No more fishes for us! We also have a blue Damsel, Boris:

Memo (black with a gimpy top fin [shaped like a M]) and Nemo (orange):

and Hawkfish. He’s a creeper but still awesome.

Five years ago we started with this 42 gallon freshwater tank and we converted to saltwater about a year or so ago. The fish are so beautiful and vibrant!



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