Homemade (gluten free) breadcrumbs

My husband loves chicken. Chicken strips, chicken nuggets, chicken parm…. I use a lot of breadcrumbs. I got “homemade” breadcrumbs from our local gluten free store. They’re delicious! However, the past year or so, the price has increased and the size of the container has decreased. Time to take matters into my own hands! Pun intended.

Step one: figure out how to make homemade bread. This thought scared me. I decided to take a shortcut and find a good bread maker. I found one made by Hamilton Beach at Kmart for about $40. I’ve had it for about a year and no complaints. If you’re thinking of purchasing a bread maker and are using it for gluten free breads, make sure it has a gluten free setting.
Step 2: make some bread! I love Bob’s Red Mill products. I’ve been able to find their products at all my local chain grocery stores, Big Lots, Christmas Tree Shop, and a few other random places. They have a great Gluten Free Homemade Wonderful Bread. Directions are on the package and are very easy to follow.
Make the bread and let it sit for a day. I’ve found the breadcrumbs are a little better after sitting a day or so.

Step 3: chop the bread into slices and cubes. Break out your food processor and go at it!


Blend until crumbs are very fine.


Step 4: Empty all the crumbs into a shallow pan or baking sheet. I always use the bottom of my broiling pan. Put your oven on Broil and place the pan in.

Broil for 20-25 minutes while checking and stirring every 3-4 minutes. Make sure to keep your eye on this and quite possibly disconnect your smoke alarm! When stirring the breadcrumbs, always scrape the corners. They heat the quickest and can burn. It is OKAY if there are some burnt parts. Gives it a little flavor!

Let the crumbs sit and cool, then store in an airtight container.



6 thoughts on “Homemade (gluten free) breadcrumbs

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