High School Reunion!

My husband and I went to the same high school. He was only a grade above me, so we have a lot of mutual friends. Years ago we agreed when reunion time came around there was no need or desire to go to both. He never received any info for a reunion last year, which makes the decision on whose to attend a little easier.

Earlier this week I got a Facebook event invite for my reunion! I was stoked. Then I looked at the info.

The venue is a bar. It’s not even in our town (which is very large with many many options) but a town that’s 45 mins north. The reunion is costing $60 for 3 hours of open bar and apps. After doing the math, I don’t think I can get my money’s worth in 3 hours. My husband certainly wouldn’t since he wouldn’t be having any apps. This would be a long and expensive taxi ride for those who drink. The one logical thing is that it is Thanksgiving weekend, a time where most people will be coming back here to spend time with family.

I’m not apprehensive about going, like all the movies portray people going to reunions. I didn’t hate anyone in high school; it was pretty fun! However, do I really want to spend $60 (technically $120 because I would make my husband go with me) to see you all? I’m not so sure about that.

For those who have had reunions before, is this expensive? Am I just over exaggerating? Will it kill me to wait 10 more years for something that’s better planned? Will I regret not going?

I am currently twiddling my thumbs watching the RSVP list.


4 thoughts on “High School Reunion!

  1. Kathy…I just went back up to Albany for my reunion a week ago. I wasn’t going because I had just spent 3 weeks there for my annual summer trek. Add in the car rental, air fare, etc. I just couldn’t justify going…but then Southwest had a one day sale that gave me the answer and peace of mind that I could afford to go. Having said all that the cost of ours was $35 for a dinner at the Averill Park firehouse and $15 for a brunch on Sunday..Total $50 for 2 chances to catch up with everyone. I know I would have been thinking of the reunion and what fun I was missing if I didn’t go so I was very happy that I attended. You might want to just take a ride up there for a little bit in the beginning just to say Hi to everyone and buy your own drinks. At least you would have shown up and you have an excuse to leave …perhaps you have another commitment that night…??? Don’t miss a chance as you never know if at the next reunion some of your favorite people might not be there for one reason or another. I’m sure the class will definitely miss you if you’re not there!!!

      • What did you decide to do? I think it depends on if there are people attending you really want to see and how you want to spend your money and your holiday weekend. Are you a big budgeter? If so I HIGHLY recommend “The Total Money Makeover” book by Dave Ramsey – it will change your life!

      • Still up I’m the air. I just heard there are now tickets for no alcohol so I need to investigate some more. I have about a month left to decide!

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