I have a decent commute and no parking at work, so I take the bus to work. This involves driving about a mile away to park at the shopping center. I have to cross the street to get on the bus. It’s a decent intersection so there are crosswalks and cross signals. When I’m driving I yell all the time at the idiots that run across the street (or take their sweet ass time) not at the light or the crosswalk. Not me.

The following incident has happened to me at least once a week:

I park my car and walk up the grassy knoll at Barnes and Noble. Push the button to cross the street. Patiently wait my turn. If I walk quick enough I can cross two intersections to fully cross to the bus stop. My little white walk symbol shows up. Of course, I look both ways before I cross. I’m no fool. Here comes the law breaker, rounding the corner. They decide to take a right on red, which wouldn’t be an issue if there wasn’t a NO TURN ON RED sign. C’mon people.

Like I said, this happens at least once I week. I’m getting pissed off and possibly taking fate into my own hands.

This morning I got my walk signal. I stopped to look both ways. A car glides through at the end of the yellow so they’re passing through on red. I can deal with that. I start to cross. Out of the corner of my eye I see ANOTHER car round the corner. Seriously?! I give them a dirty look and walk extra slow across the lane so they have to stop. They beep at me. I smile.

Good thing I’m smart enough to look both ways. Good thing I’m not a kid. When did people become so impatient that they can’t wait 20 seconds for the light to turn green? Anyone else have some near death experiences trying to cross a street?

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