Gluten Free Chicken Tenders

I have a busy schedule and don’t always have the time of the patience to make dinner for myself and my husband when he comes home. This means scouring the fridge for leftovers and frozen food to easily heat up. Solution: chicken tenders. My husband has always loved these, and we would go through them very quickly. Premade gluten free strips get expensive. As usual, I decided to tackle the issue by learning to make my own. I make a large batch and freeze the rest so I have plenty for future meals!

2-3 lbs chicken (I like to pay just a little more to get the store brand pre-cut tenders)
2 eggs
Breadcrumbs (here is my homemade recipe)

-Preheat oven to 375
-beat the eggs in a small bowl
-take piece of chicken and dip in egg. Let the excess egg drip off chicken back into the bowl. Then dip the piece of chicken into the bread crumbs.
-place all breaded chicken pieces into a glass pan. Cook for 30 minutes.
-Let chicken cool and place any extras in a freezer bag.
-makes 18-25 tenders.

It is very easy to adapt the chicken from gluten free to “regular”; just use normal breadcrumbs.


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