Just another day on the city bus

I ride the bus to work and often encounter interesting things and people. A few quips from my ride this morning:

There was a girl and her mom sitting in front of me. She was in her uniform so definitely on her way to school. She looked about 10, and with kids these days she was probably actually 5. Either way, she was too old to have that pacifier.

Boobs McGee and her boyfriend were being civil this morning (big fight at the bus stop yesterday). When you have a large chest you do not need the additional help of a push up bra. Last time I checked, your boobs are supposed to reside on your chest, not two inches under your chin in case your head gets tired.

Someone’s cell phone ringer was the Jon Cena theme. I laughed to myself each time I heard it, wondering how many other people knew.

The Rapper sat next to me today. I call him The Rapper because he is known to spit some rhymes while listening to loud thumpy music on his (insert any device that will play music). Today was a quiet day, luckily, and I noticed we shared a lot of similarities!

  1. I too enjoy my long hair in French braids.
  2. I have the same Nikes.
  3. I like to jam and air drum to songs, but don’t have the balls to get that into it on the bus.
  4. I like wearing Hanes white undershirts (albeit mine are in proportion to my body).
  5. Grapes are a good snack.
  6. I enjoy designer sunglasses. Again, I prefer ones that are proportioned to my face.

Here’s hoping the ride home will be as interesting.

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