Due to popular demand

Whenever my husband and I attend get togethers or family functions, we always get inundated with questions about his (our) new lifestyle. People are amazed how many things we have had to change. Besides watching food, gluten is also in medicines, cleaning products, toiletries, etc etc. We have to be aware of everything, down to the chapstick/lip gloss that I wear (Burt’s Bees).

A few family members have suggested I write a book. Ha! Even though that’d be a great way to finally put my college degree to good use (minor in English, thank you), I figure this is as good as it’s going to get.

A lot of people feel bad that Todd cannot always eat “normal” food and want to try to make something for him. Although they have good intentions, we have to explain that even if all the ingredients are GF, the way food is prepared plays a large role. One stray crumb and BAM! .. there goes the rest of the day. Special thanks to my mom, father in law, and cousin Tina for starting to tackle the GF recipes.

Since I do a good majority of the cooking and baking, I predominately eat gluten free (GF) as well. It saves on time and my sanity. Being a picky eater, my goal is to make meals taste as “normal” as possible. When I first started cooking, I focused on GF cook books. After some trial and error, I grew to realize I can keep my favorite recipes and just tweak them a little bit. Much easier! (and cheaper). Some of my favorite recipes (with pictures) to follow soon!


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